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Fobaro Sp. z o.o. S.K.A
ul. Robocza 40
61-517 Pozna?
Tel.: +48 061 89 66 600
Fax: +48 061 89 66 601


The company policy is to meet customers' demand by supplying them with the highest quality industrial adhesives for many sectors and machines for furniture industry. Through the permanent increasing of value added of our company, we raise the company competitiveness and minimalize the negative influence on natural environment. We deliver products of the highest quality, natural environment-friendly, and accepted by the most demanding customers.

Realizing increasing and varying requirements of customers and other parties concerned, we undertake regular improvement according to quality managing regulations ISO 9001:2000. Implemented Quality Managing System is focused on meeting present and future customers' requirements, law regulations in force and exerts a significant influence on lasting achieving of satisfactory financial results as a source of further dynamic growth of our company.

By the consequently realized policy we intend to achieve following purposes:

  • maintain good image of the company in customers' eyes,
  • guarantee permanent and dynamic growth of the company,
  • enter into long-lasting cooperation with suppliers and customers,
  • deliver products meeting law requirements.

Board of Management is responsible for the assurance of funds to achieve purposes about the quality. It undertakes trainings increasing competence and awareness of workers.

We take care about the quality and anvironment in cooperation with our suppliers and customers encouraging them to implement quality managing systems.

Quality Policy is well known and realized by our workers and we render it accessible to other parties concerned.

Piotr Siebert

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